New novella coming in 2020


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michelle ainslie

An author who plays with genre boundaries

Michelle Ainslie is the author of the hybrid novella, 300 Grams. She is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing and also holds degrees in Zoology and Psychology.

Her fiction traverses the realms of natural science and neurobiology, grounding experimental fantasy in the known world.

Non-fiction pieces have been widely published in various anthologies, and also in publications such as National Geographic, Psychologies, and Cosmopolitan.


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"300 Grams is a radical work that defies genre boundaries between fiction and non-fiction, art and writing, poetic enquiry and scientific research. It is a work that transverses not only the circularity of trauma, but the promise of regeneration - what grows from violence and hatches from healing."

Stacy Hardy – Chimurenga Editor

my next book

Delves into weird and wonderful connections between
plant-human hybrids, genetic memory
and a bit of kleptomania.

If you enjoyed the underwater world of 300 Grams and how it unexpectedly served as a link with eating disorders and self-harm, then you will love the interplay of botanical extremes and human psychology in this new work.

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